Concrete Slab And Gravel Pool Path

Paths and walkways for landscaping around a swimming pool don't always have to be fancy to look good. Actually, something like this concrete slab and gravel pool path is so much easier to take care of than having mulch or planting beds around your pool.

Even if you do have a lot of plants near the swimming area, gravel is a much better ground cover than dirt or mulch which can be blown into the pool by wind or washed into it by rain.

concrete and gravel walking path around swimming pool

A walkway path border like this is also a great idea for separating the lawn area from the water. Mowing and trimming most always throws up debris. If they get blown into the gravel buffer area, it's much easier to clean than in the pool filter.

Getting to and from the pool is a necessary consideration for the landscape design. And just as with all design aspects and considerations, why not make it serve more than one purpose if possible?

For comfort from the heat on bare feet, the surface of paths, walkways, and sidewalks around swimming pools should be made from cool deck or some other surface for surrounding pools. The gravel here is fine but the concrete slabs may be a bit warm.

Swimming Pool Landscaping Pictures

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