Courtyard Swimming Pool Entryway Idea

This entryway into this swimming pool courtyard has a beautiful back drop of plants covering the wall. This is great for tropical and sub-tropical regions that don't have too much changing of seasons.

Because they're enclosed, planting ideas for enclosed courtyard and patio pools should really be evergreen, native, or adaptive of climate and location so that they don't shed debris into the pool in the warmer seasons when the swimming pool is being used.

garden entryway for an enclosed courtyard swimming pool

While there will be some leaves and debis fall, there won't be as much compared to a swimming pool landscape somewhere that has complete season changes.

Another good aspect of plants, planting, and garden decor on enclosed courtyard garden walls is how it breaks up and covers the otherwise large expanse of blank unused space. Courtyards, patios, swimming pool entryways, and any landscapes with walls and fences should consider using theme oriented elements to decorated and enhance the space.

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