Ideas For Landscaping Around Swimming Pools

This free picture gallery is a suplement to our original gallery of swimming pool landscaping pictures. While there are over a hundred great photos and ideas in this directory, I believe the original gallery located at - Planting Ideas Around Swimming Pools - has a lot more to offer in the area of residential landscaping. There's also a lot more design detail in each photo a they are mostly from professional designers sites.

While some of the photos in this gallery are of resort and hotel swimming pools, they still have a lot to offer for gathering ideas. Regardless of specific location, you can incorporate the concepts of most of these in most backyards. Mix and match designs. It's simply a matter of imagination, arrangement, and implementation.

Either way, between the two galleries, there are enough pictures of landscaping around swimming pools to look at for hours. See the original gallery at: Swimming Pool Landscaping Pictures. I think you'll find it to be as good as if not better than this directory.


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