Desert Cactus Rock Garden Xeriscaping Idea

All rock gardens are not xeriscaping or desert landscaping. And all xeriscaping is most definitely not just rocks and cactus. Again though, this rock garden is exactly what most people picture when you mention xeriscaping.

This type of garden is classic and a common sight in the Desert Southwest where the climate allows the cactus and this type and color of landscape rocks is abundant. However, take away the cactus, and you still have a pretty cool design that would work anywhere.

desert scene rock and cactus garden

While the rocks suggest randomness, the plants provide a sense of order and intention. Without some type of plantings or other elements, this landscape may look like just a pile of rocks to some people. What still gives this design some character and order even without plants is the different colors of rock. Their separation gives a sense of artistic intention.

As an alternative to retaining walls which require a little more engineering and knowledge, a desert scene rock garden like this is a good way to terrace for a sloped or hillside yard.

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