Rock Garden Ideas

There are plenty of applications where you can use a rock garden for either decor, functionality, or to simply take up space. While rock gardens don't require a lot of thought to create a really nice one, there is an opportunity to be really creative with plants, rocks, and other decor. Some of the ideas in this directory are very creative and colorful.

Quite often used to landscape on hillside yards to help retain the slope and prevent erosion, gardens made from larger stacked rocks and decorative boulders are generally a very easy and inexpensive solution to difficult sloped and hillside yards. Without plants, it's a simple ground cover that holds everything in place. With plants it becomes a garden and then requires a bit more planning for watering, saturation, and run off.

All in all, as you'll see in some of these pictures and ideas, a rock garden can work almost anywhere for any purpose whether it is for a functional purpose, to look good and decorative, or just to simply take up space.

Pictures Of Rock Gardens

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