Pond Landscaping Ideas

Building a pond or water garden in your own backyard and then landscaping it is a lot easier than most people think. Keeping up with and maintaining them is also quite easy with the right ideas and if they're built right in the first place. They should be built as a living ecosystem that takes care of itself just as those do in nature. For ideas on building and maintaing ponds and water gardens see: How To Build Ponds And Water Gardens.

As far as getting ideas for your new landscaping or garden pond, there are enough pictures and how to do it links in this picture gallery and the original gallery of pond pictures, that you should be left with very little question on how to do it yourself. I do encourage you to check out the original gallery as it has many links to personal and professional pond pages. There are a lot more photos and in a sense it's even better than this list as far as landscaping and planting ideas.

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