Small Pond Landscape Design Ideas

Generally, backyard ponds and water gardens are designed to be relatively small because of maintenance and space requirements. While some folks may want the atmosphere, sound, and motion of a pond, they don't want to have to spend a lot of time taking care of one.

Usually placed off to the side or in otherwise unused space, backyard ponds are planned to take up left over space rather than given all the space they could possibly use. This big waterfall and pond project that we created is a rare exception to the rule. Not too many folks want to take care of such a large water feature.

small backyard pond landscape design ideas

The planting scheme around this water garden is tropical and semi-evergreen to the climate. Not only is it necessary for the plants to survive but climate and native plants should also be a consideration because of maintenance issues. The fewer dead leaves and vegetation there is, the less there is to clean up from around and inside the the pond.

The rock border around the top edge of this small pond is quite common for most ponds and water features. While it can create a natural look that ties into the rest of the landscape design, it also helps hide the pond liner. Along with the plants, these two elements can be used to make the backyard pond landscape design as natural looking as possible.


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