Natural Rock Pond Wall Ideas

Most garden ponds and waterfall borders are created with elements and a design that is intended to resemble a river, waterfall, or water hole that you would see in a natural setting. That's why most of them that you'll see in backyards, gardens, and landscapes are created and lined with natural rock, stone, flagstone, and gravel. And while most are smaller than the one pictured here and don't necessarily have such high walls that surround them, creating a large water feature like this will require lining the pond walls with stacked rock in order to maintain a natural appearance.

Of course, a project doesn't have to be this large to create an appearance like this. Generally, pond ideas like this are an addition to an already existing outcrop of natural rock where the walls are already part of the landscape. Still, on a smaller scale, and if you have the depth to work with that will allow taller border walls, lining a smaller pond with stacked rock will be quite permanent and care free as well as resemble a water feature in the natural element.

pond with stacked rock walls


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