A Simple Front Yard

Ideas for designs of easy inexpensive front yards

This basic design addresses the entry and access to the home in a way that shapes the lawn and flower beds in a classy way. Other than choosing the right plants, the process of creating this design is fairly simple. Once the sidewalks were drawn in, the flower beds and most of the lawn area shapes were created.

Addressing and planning the necessary elements first will often lay the shape for much of your landscaping. Necessary elements might include access, entry, utilities, slopes, etc..

basic front yard design idea

In this design, the lawn strip next to the street is wide enough to have lawn there without too much problem of water waste. Generally, ten feet wide is as low as we go with something as simple as this. Anything smaller and sprinkler placement and adjustment can be a problem. While some sprinkler manufacturers do make special heads for watering strips and islands, most are still wasteful with overspray.

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