Hillside Front Yard Landscape Above The Street

This hillside front yard isn't so extreme that it has to have retaining walls and terracing. However, it would help in regards to saturation and runoff from sprinkler irrigation. At the very least, your watering method would need to be adjusted for watering a lawn on a slope or hillside so that it wouldn't all run off into the street.

Deep saturation helps create deep root systems which makes for healthier lawns and plants. And a well established root system will actually need less water and be helpful in dry and drought situations. Generally though, on slopes like these, it takes some adjusting to your water schedule. You'll notice many yards and landscapes like this will be the first to show distress in drought and dry situations.

front yard on a hill

The planting scheme is simple and well thought out. And since the hillside view slopes down to the street, the small accent trees are dwarf varieties that will accent the home and soften the hardness of the corners while not hiding the home or creating any safety hazards.

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