Designing With Big Rocks And Boulders

Ideas for using big rocks and boulders in front yard landscapes

Large rocks and decorative boulders can be very dramatic in landscape and garden design. Used as accents in both front yard and backyard designs, they can become the center piece for simple but eye catching plantings and floral displays.

Proportion and placement are important and should fit the yard, home, and landscape they are to be placed in. In my opinion, both of the rocks displayed in this front yard are way out of proportion. Maybe they would work well in this small area with a different theme of more rocks but are way too large as single elements in the areas they occupy. Some larger plants or a tree planted next to a large rock like these will make them seem smaller in proportion to everything else around them..

In placing landscape rocks and boulders it's often better to bury a few inches or more of the rock into the soil. This makes them appear more a part of the landscaping rather than an after thought placed on top of the ground. See using landscape rocks and boulders for more detailed information on using rocks as part of your landscape design.

big rocks and boulders in the front yard landscape

Creating groups is often a quick and easy way to create displays in hard to design and smaller gardens. A group of three or five rocks or big boulders will create nice pockets for planting plants. Add a few plants and you have a very attractive display all on its own.

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