Planting And Planning For Safety

I'll make this same point again and again about planning your landscape. Among other things, for safety purposes, don't plant large trees and shrubs next to your home that will create perfect hiding places where burglars can gain access without being noticed or an attacker can wait. In an area like this, an intruder could take their sweet time without any worry of being seen. Know a little about the plants you're planting and do some landscape planning.

Along with safety purposes, hiding the home like this does nothing for it as far as accenting or complimenting it. The landscaping looks cluttered, unintentional, and crowded when planted like this. To move a group like this away from the home to create walking area all the way around it, would give the sense of added space and proportion.

landscape planting for safety

Another thing. If you've ever seen the mess created behind an area like this or what it does to the walls and woodwork of the home, you'll know another reason why planting large shrubs and bushes right next to the home is not such a good idea. Do your homework. Among other things, for safety, study up on plants before you head off to the local nursery or home improvement center.

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