Front Yard Evergreen Plants

Planting ideas for Winter interest

Besides being mostly evergreen that will add interest and curb appeal throughout the year, this is an excellent display of using different textures of plants in a planting scheme. For many, combining different textures and shades of green in the front yard is a lot easier to do than trying to figure out color schemes that will work together.

While it still takes a little research and planning as far which plants will do well in your area, color combinations is just one less thing to thing of. And textures and shades will almost naturally take care of itself as you find choices that will work.

front yard evergreen plants ideas

Another thing you may notice is the shape of the yard. It's simple and actually a result of placing the bed areas. Center island, border, and entry flower beds are created to add curb appeal, interest, and take up space. A different front yard layout using evergreen plants will generally create the same results but can change the interesting shape of the lawn area. Try moving things around a bit to get different layout ideas.

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