Tropical Front Yard Plants

Ideas for designing and planting tropical yards, landscapes, and gardens

This tropical planting scheme in this front yard is very simple. And depending on your preference, may or may not use more foliage, accents, and color to make it complete.

As with most yard and garden design ideas, tropical and all other design styles get a large amount of their feel and atmosphere from the types of plants used. Change the type of plants, and you change the entire style and theme of the garden.

Realistically, this is a good solid starting structure also known as "garden bones" to start with. You can get some ideas to fill in and add color from these Tropical yard pictures.

Generally, if you don't see any tropical plants in the landscaping in your area, this type of theme may not be practical. However, in some areas, many plants are aclimatized but may need special care in Winter. In our area in the Desert Southwest, for example, the Mexican Fan Palm grows well but needs insulated wrap in the Winter to survive.

tropical front yard landscaping idea

Also, if you're willing to go the extra effort for more style in this front yard, you can place smaller tropical plants and even smaller palms in assorted pots and take them inside in colder weather.

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