Designing Around Windows For A View And Safety

Windows are placed in homes for viewing the outside world and allowing light to enter the home. So it doesn't make sense to me when I see a beautiful home with windows such as these where the landscaping is overgrown and completely covering them up. There may as well be no windows at all.

Usually when this happens, it's not planned. It happens from a lack of planning and not knowing enough about the landscaping plants that are being planted. This is where so many costly mistakes and re-do's happen. And when you're landscaping on a budget, there's not much room for too many errors like that. Designing around your windows means paying close attention to the mature height and width your plants will reach.

This small display does a good job of accenting this window area without hiding or covering it up. And from another point of view, the window does a good job of framing the planting display. The window, view, and lighting are unobstructed. Everything is in proportion and with very little care, can be kept that way.

window landscaping for a view and safety

Besides not obstructing the view and natural light and the fact that it just looks bad, there is another good reason for not placing plants that cover windows. Personal safety.

Also see planning your designs for more ideas and safety considerations for designing problem areas such as around and under windows.

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