Rock Garden To Address A Front Yard Slope

Ideas for using rock retaining walls to terrace front yards on slopes and hillsides

Having a beautiful lawn on a slope or hillside can be a challenge due to run off and saturation issues. And while it is possible to successfully water a lawn on a slope or hillside, a level area will be much easier to maintain and care for.

This natural stone terrace provides an economical solution to this sloped front yard. While a design like this isn't necessarily hard to plan and build, it will require some heavy equipment and an operator to place some of these stones. Most of these rocks could be placed and moved fairly easy but the base decorative rocks and a few accent boulders are huge.

While this rock wall is an attempt to look like a natural mountain hillside, Its construction may still be thought of along the lines of a dry stack garden wall. Drystacking simply means construction without mortar or cement. Drystack walls can often be cheaper than retaining walls if the rocks aren't too expensive. Labor costs are much lower because you can do it yourself without any engineering.

rock garden hillside front yard

Regardless if it's a front yard or backyard, terracing slopes and hillsides also provides level planting areas. This is important so that the plants get deep root saturation from watering rather than the water just running down the hill. This rock garden does a great job of creating level planting areas while still looking good.

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