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Design ideas for front yard landscaping and plans for backyards usually have different purposes. Most front yards generally follow a purpose of accessibility and invitation. It's where we enter and leave are homes but spend very little time. So usually most of the thought process goes into creating walkways, driveways, and entry courtyards. Then the lawn shape and rest of the design is created around that.

Creating curb appeal in the front yard is good for adding value, a sense of invitation, and to frame the picture of your home. However, you probably shouldn't spend the majority of your budget designing and creating the front yard. Simple functional designs work best. Then, since the backyard is where most people spend most of their time, you can spend more energy and money on the back.

On a major scale, landscaping front yards is kind of a new thing. It's really one of those American ideas that has only gained popularity in recent years. If you look at pictures of European gardens, you'll notice that generally there is just a small courtyard and entry in the front while most of the focus goes to designing inner courtyards and landscaped spaces in the back.

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