Two Level Front Yard

Terracing and flower bed ideas for sloped front yards

This terraced style is common for two level homes like this built on hilsides facing the street. This one is fairly simple as its terraces are created with large landscaping boulders. Of course this could be done with a number of other elements including retaining wall blocks. It depends on your budget, preferences, and amount of work you want to do.

Regardless of what style or materials you choose, there are a few safety considerations for a landscape like this. Slope, drainage, and waterproofing are things you have to consider and plan for with a two level home like this. Otherwise, you'll end up with a lower flooded room, destroyed foundation, or both.

two level terraced front yard landscape

Part of the front yard lawn area is still a little steep for proper saturation and should have probably been terraced. You can see the dead spots at the top of the lawn area where it meets the bed border.

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