No Hard Corners Makes Mowing Easier

When designing your lawn areas, try to design it to make mowing as easy as possible. Try to avoid tight deep corners that are hard to get a mower in. Of course you can always do these areas with string trimmers. Still, if you're looking for ways to create lower maintenance landscaping, this is something to consider.

Very few of my own designs have deep tight corners that are hard to get a mower into. When we run into a situation where other elements create deep recesses or corners in the lawn area, we do something like the corner flower bed in this design. Notice how the curve does a nice smooth inward swoop on the edge of the flower bed that wouldn't stop the flow of the mow.

eliminate hard corners to make mowing easier

Besides making mowing easier, adding a flower bed to the edge of a driveway entry like this looks good, adds curb appeal, adds character, and helps create a more unified design by including plants and elements that are present in other areas of the landscape.

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