Front Sidewalk Entry Flower Bed

Ideas for planting estate front yards with entryway walkways

Planting beds like this help add a defined entry into the front yard which often creates the atmosphere of an "estate" type of yard design. Most large estates have a gated or defined entryway into the entire property which is also often completely surrounded or defined. The stone pillars are also a familiar sight associated with estate landscapes.

While this landscape isn't completely enclosed and defined by borders and beds, the sidewalk entryway bed still adds a sense of elegance and invitation. It says, "this way to the front door".

front entry sidewalk flower bed idea

Aside from defining the entry and boundary, this type of planting bed is a simple way to add some class and eliminate some lawn space. To help maintain unity and consitency, the front sidewalk entry planting beds should include at least one type of plant or element used in the rest of the landscaping. The decorative rock is often an inexpensive and colorful element that can be repeated throughout the landscape to create unity.

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