Circular Driveway Front Entry

Ideas for front yard designs with circular driveways

Ideas for planting in circular driveways are often difficult to come up with. The areas inside the circular drive aren't always the most practical place for lawn grass and are generally most suited for focal points, displays, or entry sidewalks. Of course, this does depend a lot on the size of the area. Large areas will work better for lawns than small areas. One of the reasons we try to avoid lawns in the smaller areas is because of configuring sprinkler systems to be efficient can be difficult.

In this front entry design, the center area of the circular driveway is large enough to contain lawn and some planting beds. The row of repeated evergreen shrubs helps define the boundary of the driveway. If you create a circular driveway yard like this, you'll find that, for some reason, folks just tend to drive off the edge into the lawn and flower beds. So planting something or a hardscape element will help prevent this from happening.

circular driveway design ideas

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