A Very Slight Slope Front Yard Design

A real slight slope like this generally isn't a problem in regards to run off or saturation. Still, pinpoint drip watering would work best in front yard designs like this for a few reasons. In most cases, flood irrigation is not one of the best ideas for watering plants around the foundation of the home. Especially in older homes, continued exposure to water, can damage the foundation. Also, in order to flood irrigate this area, solid border walls would need to be built on the lower side of this flower bed next to the driveway and lawn.

While this is a small slope, it is still steep enough to offer opportunity for a small natural retaining wall weaving through the plants and disappearing into the ground. While mostly for visual effect, the wall could be used to create two or more completely level planting areas.

slight slope front yard designs

While a little sparse, the planting framework is on the right track. Both the green and purple shrubs are evergreen. Whether it's a front yard on a slight slope or level ground, planting a framework in designs of repeated plants helps create unity throughout the landscape, making it evergreen is a plus for keeping it interesting in Fall and Winter.

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