Winter Interest Front Yard Landscaping Idea

With the dead lawn and leafless trees surrounding the front yard landscape, it's obvious that it is Winter time in this picture. Not the typical winter scene that our imaginations bring up but the true vision that most of us in the warmer states see.

For most instances, creating winter interest is a matter of planting choices. With a framework of evergreen or semi-evergreen plants, trees, and shrubs that is often enough color, many folks will also rotate seasonal plants such as Mums and Pansies throughout the Fall and Winter. Along with that, there are also many plants such as ornamental grasses that look great and add interest when they die or grow dormant.

Besides using plants to make your landscaping interesting in the cool seasons, you may also want to try using hardscape materials to add different dimensions as well. See the design at landscaping for winter interest to see how we used different color, size, and texture of ground cover rocks to create patterns and shapes. As you'll see from this design, even without plants, the landscape still has interest.

front yard landscaping for winter interest

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