Three Story Home Front Yard On A Hillside

Many times, two and three story homes that are built on hillsides have part of the bottom floor or basement built into the ground of the front yard. So along with the challenges of hillside landscapes, there are also considerations concerning drainage and vapor barrier through the walls of the bottom floor.

To begin, a barrier should be applied between the earth and home. There are many different types of vapor barriers available for different situations and environments. Make sure your contractor and landscaping contractor is familiar with this and uses the correct recommended materials. If you're buying the home already built, make sure it's in place.

Along with not overplanting and overwatering next to the foundation in these areas, it's also necessary to make any water or precipitation shed away from the foundation of the home. A slight grade of a few inches up on the foundation is usually enough to move the water away from the foundation before it has time to soak in.

With all that being said, I will add that this hillside front yard landscaping is also lacking in any style and functionality. A bit of terracing using concrete retaining walls, the same materials as the home, or decorative rocks would help create balance, drainage, and designated functional planting areas.

three story house front yard on a hill

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