Front Yard Entry Landscaping Idea

This front entry landscape accents, outlines, and defines the steps and the front door. The planting scheme is well balanced and limited to a few types that are repeated throughout the design. This gives the yard balance and continuity.

An interesting design element worth noting is how the shapes of the flower beds help create the shape of the lawn. In most of my own landscape designs, this is how it works. I first design necessary elements like access, entryways, sidewalks, and driveways.

Front Yard entry design Idea

After designing these necessary elements, the flower beds, border beds, and foundation planting beds are added to the plan. After all of this is in place, the shape of the lawn is usually very unique and close to if not finished.

Another design element of this front yard entry is the continuity of the lawn through the walkway and steps. Actually, in this landscaping this is also created by designing the other elements first.

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