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Photos of designs and planting ideas for front yards

More front yard landscaping photos and design ideas. There are a few more considerations for choosing the right plants for the front yard. You want to accent the home without hiding it. And as I pointed out on the previous page, keeping things to scale and proportion is very important. That's why, when planning your landscape, it's important to have an idea of what your plants will be at maturity.

Besides just looking bad, there are a few safety factors to be considered for designing the front yard. The biggest mistakes that I see in this area, besides totally hiding the house, are in covering up windows and address signs. Having large bushes and trees hiding windows and doors is a great place for crooks to hide while they can take their time beaking into your home. Covering your address sign is not good if emergency personel ever need to find your home. More on this below...

Front Yard Pictures

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Brick Home

Steep Driveway

Winter Interest


Small Slope

Gravel Driveway

Big Lawn

Three Storey



Small Slope
Small Slope

Front Entry

Curb Appeal

On A Slope


Front Steps

Circle Driveway

Plant Colors

Steps Planters

Steps Planter

Entry Plants
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Opposite of backyard landscaping, the front is generally designed for access and invitation. You should plan ideas to make sure that entry to your home is a pleasant experience and not an obstacle course. By knowing how wide your landscape plants will be in your yard at maturity, you can plant them a satisfactory distance from sidewalks and drives so that they don't overtake these areas. It's not a pleasant experience to walk through wet bushes on a rainy day just to get to someones front door.

When planting around driveways, it's a good idea to keep plants at least five feet from the drive. This will help prevent damage from opening car doors and the front overhang of the car.

I encourage you to also visit my design styles pictures directory. In a way it's a much better resource as it links directly to hundreds of talenteted professional designers sites. I also invite you to look at the ideas and designs which showcases several of my own designs with explainations and guides as to how they're created.


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