Front Entry Sidewalk Foundation Planting

Just another example of a basic entry sidewalk and front yard foundation landscape. Not much to speak of design-wise. Except for a few placements, this might be one of those "this is how you don't do your front yard" pictures.

So why do I keep puting all these "Not much to speak of design-wise" pictures up? If just one person gets an idea from this picture, then it's worth my time. I have a lot of these and it just wouldn't be right to just hide them on my hard drive. Anyway.......

It appears that a few principles have been observed. there are taller plants on the corners and nothing is blocking the windows anyway. As well as for not blocking views and light, it's not a good idea to place large dense shrubs and plants in front of doors and windows. As a safety consideration for front sidewalk entries and your home, don't create places for folks to hide behind.

Idea for a front sidewalk foundation planting beds

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