Overgrown Front Entry Sidewalk

This front entry is a bit overgrown for most peoples standards. Factors of safety, structural damage, and good curb appeal are all affected when the wrong (or right) planting ideas are allowed to become overgrown like this.

If you intend to plant larger trees and shrubs close to the home, you should consider characteristics of the plant and maintenance to keep it in check. While some root systems will never affect a foundation or front sidewalk, some will destroy them with no problem. Research your plants. Also, large plants that are that close to the home, are very obvious when overgrown. Keep things trimmed back and off the ground.

While using shrubs and trees to soften corners of square and hard edge homes works well, it's not a good idea to cover entries, window, and access areas. These are great places for burglers to hide or gain access in your home without being seen. Just look at this home for example. A person could break into this house without being seen from the street. Again, to avoid having overgrown front entry sidewalk plants like this, know the characteristics of the plants you intend to use and keep them in check.

Front entry sidewalk overgrown shrubs

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