Driveway Border Entry Planting Ideas

This front yard offers a lot of great ideas for planting as well as design. Of course, one of the first things we see in this landscaping is the vines growing on the face of the home. And while this is a very beautiful entry border planting scheme and a lot of us would like this look on our own homes, it's important to know that most vines that will grow up the side of your home will also damage it due to the way the plants anchor themselves to the building. Once it's covered and remains covered, it's no big deal. If you ever have to paint or repair, then it becomes a problem.

The planting bed along side of the driveway and other concrete areas is a good one. Most water from sprinkler systems will eventually cause hard water stains on all hardscapes and even plants. And while plants will show less evidence, it's still better than staining the sidewalks and driveways that can be permanently damaged from the water. Buffer planting beds are always a good idea where the sprinkler system may hit the house and eventually damage it.

The rest of the planting ideas are well thought out and placed. The choices and placement give the home and front yard landscape a nice cottage garden feel while the driveway border front entry beds won't be hiding the home or covering any windows, doors, or views. In most cases, it's a good idea not to plant plants that will hide doors and windows as it makes a great place for thieves to hide as they break into your home.

driveway border front entry planting ideas

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