Full Circle Driveway

Planning, design, and planting ideas for full circular drives

Front yard driveways like this are great for busy families and individuals who are on the go and need quick in and out access. Circular driveways, as long as they're wide enough for at least 2 vehicles, will allow drive through without having to back in and out.

More functionality is added to this driveway idea by connecting it with the main driveway and garage on the side of the home. Access and front entry from both areas will handle overflow and keep most congestion from becoming a problem when there are a lot of guests or traffic.

As all this concrete is placed to create access and functionality, it also gives the design ideas some unique shape and atmosphere. This alone takes care of a lot of the space that needs design shape. And for the most part, deciding on elements like lawn or gravel or decorative concrete or plain, is the next major concern for a full circle driveway design like this one.

full circle driveway design

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