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Front yard planting ideas should be kept simple. Actually, all landscaping and garden design should follow the principle of simplicity. There's no question that by limiting the number of kinds of plants you choose for the front yard, and grouping several of the same kind of plants together, you can achieve a feeling of unity and balance that you can't in a landscape of mix match or odd plant groups.

Furthermore, when the plants grow together, they will intermingle more naturally than when plants of different kinds crowd each other. This type of planting simplicity will help the plantings accent the home rather than overwhelming it.


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Front Sidewalk


Front Yard






Steep Slope

Slope Driveway

Hillside Front

Estate Driveway


Curb Appeal


Three Car Garage

Front yard Planting

On A Hill

Winter Lawn

Driveway Ideas

Corner Lot
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Because front yard space is usually limited, it's best to choose plants that will remain small in scale and in proportion to the home. Do a little research on the plants you want to use. One of the biggest mistakes in front yard landscaping is when homeowners choose plants that outgrow the proportion and scale to the yard and home.

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