Flowering Decorative Trees

While a good portion of flowering trees only create a display of blooms in the Spring, it's still an added plus for some seasonal interest, beauty, and that "new life" feeling that comes with Springtime. Of course, a good portion of flowering trees are also fruit trees which can be another plus for some folks and a problem for others. Fortunately, a lot of the new decorative hybrids are fruitless or non-bearing. Just check with your nurseryman to be sure. If you're depending on the plant tag for information, do a little more homework in your plant encyclopedia to make sure.

Ideas for using decorative fruitless flowering trees in front yard landscape designs

flowering trees in front yard landscape designs

With or without the decorative flowering trees, this flower bed design appears in a lot of the pictures in this directory. Instead of just a straight border bed that outlines the entryway sidewalk, an expanded curved bed defines the entry and makes room for some larger accents or a focal point. And at the same time gives the lawn area a more interesting shape than just straight lines. In my own designs, I rarely start by trying to create lawn shape. Creating the necessary elements for the rest of the landscaping usually sets most of the shape of the lawn.

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