A Front Yard Landscape Design With No Proportion

So what makes this front yard design seem out of proportion? The plant selection in the beds next to the home would be marginal with a single story home. However, next to this two story home with pitched roof, the plants seem insignificant and smaller than they actually are.

Without adding needed height and vertical design, even adding some planting areas in the middle of the yard or next to the street would make the home blend better into the landscaping like the front yard in this picture. The goal isn't necessarily to make the home seem smaller as much as it is to get the home to blend with the landscaping. However, right proportion would give the impression that the house is smaller.

Of course, some taller trees in the yard as well as taller foundation shrubs near the corners of the home would change the entire atmosphere of this front yard.

Tips for how to design a front yard that is proportionate to its surroundings

An empty front lawn planted out of proportion

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