A Steep Front Yard Lawn

While lawn turf is perfect for keeping a steep front yard slope in place, it can present a challenge for proper watering, saturation, and a healthy lawn. Watering and even rain water will run off before it has time to saturate deep into the root zone. The result is shallow roots and a lawn that can't withstand drought conditions.

The trick to watering yards and lawns on steep grades and slopes is to water several short cycles rather than one long cycle. A front yard like this one would take quite a few times to saturate deep enough into the lawn.

The way to figure the amount of time for watering a steep front yard lawn like this is to time the duration until the water starts to run off the hill. This is what you would set your automatic sprinkler timer for. Then you would space your cycle start times to run as many times as needed to reach the amount of moisture your lawn needs for your area. See watering a steep front yard lawn for more information about this.

Planning tips for landscaping front yards on steep slopes and hillsides

Very steep front yard lawn.

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