Thirsty Lawn Front Yard

Even after our raised awareness of limited natural resources like water, there are still a lot of yards and landscapes with large expanses of lawn grass like this. And while this type of front yard landscape does use more than its share of resources, even it could utilize xeriscaping principles to an extent and become more environmentally responsible. However, most folks aren't even aware that xeriscaping can be applied to more than just Desert designs and Southwest yards. The truth is though, that xeriscaping is a method of water wise landscaping that can be applied to most design styles and themes.

If you're considering a front yard like this, it may be a good idea to look at ways to downsize the lawn area and create some planting beds or other xeriscaping. You never know. While a yard like this may be beautiful and never suffer any problems, a time of drought and local water restrictions could turn this beautiful green lawn into a dead brown patch in a matter of days. Also look into other drought tolerant plants and grasses like drought tolerant Buffalo Grass.

Too much lawn front yard

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