Front Yards And Front Garden Designs

Once you've created the driveways and walkways in the front yard, you can focus on ideas for the rest of the landscaping and gardens. Many times after laying down this foundation, there will be areas that you'll know exactly what to do with. Creating lawn areas, flower gardens, groundcover, or even more walkways are just a few ideas for these areas.

In almost every picture in this gallery of front yards there is a driveway of some sort. Pay attention and observe how the design is created around them. Also pay attention to how the designers use the areas created by the framework of walkways and driveways.



Flowering Trees

Big Lawn




Front Porch

Ornamental Grass

Foundation Plants


Front Lawn

Circular Drive


Front Porch

Mostly Lawn

Steep Front Yard

Privacy Hedge

One Tree

Simple Lawn

More Lawn



Simple Lawn

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While the main focus on these pages is for designing the entryways of your home, many parts of the plans can be adapted to backyard designs as well. Taking one of these designs and adapting it to a backyard would be as simple as eliminating the driveway and adding a little privacy by means of fences, shrubs, or trees.

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